Wednesday, 23 March 2016

What Are My Favourite Singers/Bands?

I don't really think I've ever really talked about my music preferences on this. I mean, I talked a bit in depth about it during one of my numerous Liebster award posts, but I haven't really talked about it at all. I think it is really interesting to hear about someone's music tastes; after all, I think it can really sum up one's personality! Anyway, here is my (rather long and random!) list.

My friend introduced me to Pentatonix earlier this year, and I can honestly say I've fallen in love with them. They do amazing a capella - like honestly, amazing. I cannot rave about them enough, except to say that they are definitely my favourite out of all the bands listed on here. They have amazing tones, they write awesome music (please please PLEASE check out their song Sing) and they do covers that are better than the original. Enough said.
Favourite song: Sing.
Fleur East 
Acqua and I have a shared love of this woman! I love love love her - Fleur's songs are so original and catchy. They're light and upbeat and just downright awesome. She is so much fun and her songs always inject a bit of happiness into you. She has been compared to Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson (for her killer dance moves!) and I personally she's better than the two combined. Enough said.
Favourite song: Sax.
I think you will know this lady better than a few of the others, but I genuinely love Lorde. Her songs have this vibe to them that just makes them amazing, and she sounds so good. I loved her when she first released Royals (and I didn't even like it the first time I heard it!) and I still love her now.
Favourite song: Yellow Flicker Beat.
Sia is such an awesome singer. Not only does she have incredible range and tone, but she has an amazing backstory that I love. I also deeply admire her courage and strength to be able to perform, considering that she has struggled with depression and self harm for years. She truly deserves her fame.
Favourite song: Big Girls Cry.
Jess Glynne
I honestly don't know what it is about Jess Glynne that makes me love her so much. I truly don't. But there's something about her that I love so much. Her songs are heartfelt and serious and I can relate to them so much. I just adore her music style and her songs all round.
Favourite song: Don't Be So Hard On Yourself & Real Love.
Elle King.
Elle King has a very Western country vibe to her voice, but I love her for this exact reason! I normally hate country music but she manages to put her own little spin on it that I love. She really stands out in the industry; most current songs seem to be carbon copies of each other, so this makes her stand out. I also can't help but love her tattoo's: they are so damn awesome!
Favourite song: Ex's and Oh's.

They are definitely a very old band, but I cannot help but love their music! It is just so fun and I love belting out their lyrics with my friends, it always puts me in a great mood! Honestly, this is a band that I listen to when I'm upset or exhausted or stressed out and it always puts a great big smile on my face :-)
Favourite song: Thunderstruck.
Once again, these dudes have been around for quite a bit, but their music is just damn awesome. My dad originally showed me this band and we love to listen to them together (when we're not watching John Oliver :)). Their music is just so hardcore and I love love love it!
Favourite song: Deuce.

I hope you liked this post! It was so much fun to write and I think that you might know a bit more about me now. Who are your favourite singers? Post 'em in the comments below! And please check out these ones if you haven't already! Have a great night everyone. 

El xx


  1. I don't really listen to any of the above (except AC/DC because my parents really like their music!) so I'll have a look at the songs you recommended. I love seeing what people listen to. Great post! Are you blogging everyday? Loving all these new posts!xx

    1. Haha you must listen to ALL of them! They are all so awesome and I love all of their music (as you can tell). No, I ain't, but it's school hols for me so I might! Thank you :-)
      El xx

  2. I love how you listen to so many different styles of music! You know I love Fleur East (mainly because I saw her growth on The X Factor and she was amazing!) and Sia! I also really like and admire Pentatonix, as someone with a big choir and musical background I love how they have reached such a big audience. I have to say I'm guilty of loving Country Music too hahaha Well, I actually love Danielle Bradbery, winner of The Voice season 4, who is a Country singer, but in fact I don't listen to anybody else hahaha My favourite song by Sia is Bird Set Free! | Acqua xx

    1. Thank you, yeah the contrast between some of these artists are so big it's not funny! I still can't get over the fact that you know Fleur East, none of my mates know who she is! Pentatonix are so awesome, my friend showed me them and I was like 'MY LIFE IS COMPLETE!' I don't really love it, but Elle King definitely manages to pull it off! I've never heard of her, will have to look her up! Thank you for your comment lovely :-)
      El xx

  3. AHH I LOVE SIA TOO!! And omg I love how you listen to such a broad range of music. That is the bessst. Me too, probably, since one minute I'm listening to Birdy and the next it's Swedish House Mafia. XD I love it! Variety is the spice of life. ;D

    1. YAAAAAAAASSSS!!!! I didn't even realise just how broad it was until I did this post. Haha twinsies! And I totally agree XD