Friday, 25 March 2016

Finish The Sentence | Collab With Acqua.

Hey, everyone! Today do I have a post for you! Acqua and I have put together a little 'Finish The Sentence' collab, so I will be posting her answers and she will be posting mine. Please go check her blog out, it is absolutely AWESOME!! Anyway, let's get this on the road.

1. My grandpa once: let me style his hair and braid it with tiny braids hahaha I loved him and still miss him after these 7 years!

2. Never in my life have I: gotten drunk. 

3. When I was younger, I: was the most shy and insecure child!

4. When I'm nervous: my hands always sweat! It's really annoying when I have a violin concert hahaha

5. If I were to get married right now: I wish it could be near where I live, because I don't think I could stand being permanently away from it!

6. My hair is: really, reaaaaally long.

7.My feet are: way too big for my height hahaha

8. Last Christmas: all of my cousins gathered for the family lunch, something that hadn't happened for years!

9. When I turn my head left: I see my uni homework >.<

10. When I turn my head right: I see my brother composing a song.

11. My life is not complete without: working with children. I don't think I could live without it!

12. By this time next year: I will be about to finish my uni studies and I'm terrified of what comes after. I'd like it to be either a masters degree or a year off in the UK, but you never know!

13. I have a hard time understanding: why people just keep judging others like it had something to do with them. Just live and let live!

14. One time at a family gathering: my little cousin sang a really funny old song and it was HILARIOUS.

15. Take my advice: be confident that the future holds amazing things for you. Don't you ever think you won't get a good future. Trust, hope and work hard. Things will work out all right in the end :)

16. My ideal breakfast is: a delicious thing we call "bomb croissants". They're just handmade croissants full of nutella-like chocolate, which is so bad for your health but so delicious hahaha Because they're not healthy we only eat them on special occasions, which makes them even more precious!

17. If you visit my hometown: you'll find it really small and you'll see that almost everyone knows me because I'm just involved with every activity that takes place here hahaha There is a crazy amount of cultural activities considering the size of the village!

18. My friends are: crazy and awesome.

19. If you spend the night at my house: we'll probably have to put things into place before hahaha We're really clean, but we're just too messy!

20. The world could do without: wars and hatred.

21. I'd rather lick the belly of a cockroach than: eat it? hahaha

22. The most recent thing I've bought myself is: cookies because I had to climb a mountain and I needed something to eat when I got to the top!

23. And, by the way: you're awesome!

24. My Birthday: is a time of the year when everybody is on holidays so I actually spend it quite alone hahaha I used to hate it when I was younger!

25. In the past I shouldn't have been: so harsh to myself.

26. Last night, I: went to sleep early to climb the mountain this morning! Hahaha

27. If I didn't have any obligations tomorrow: I would still do something out, I NEVER spend a whole day home, it doesn't do any good for my health!

28. In the last 6 months: I've seen a friend recover from cancer and it was the best thing!

29. I bet you didn't know: I don't like to use shoes when I'm home!

30. I am: a mess.

31. I read: a lot.

32. I regret: having worried so much about what others think of me


  1. Yaaaaaaaaay! I had so much fun with this, I'm really happy I've gotten to collab with you! And I think we had a good idea with this post topic, this tag is good! Let's do something like this again! Please? | Acqua xx

    1. I loved loved LOVED it!!!! Best fun I've had in a long time with my blog! It was brilliant, props to you for finding it! OMG YEEEEESSSS!!! WE MUST!!!
      El xx

  2. Great post, we should do a collab one day, please comment on my blog if your interested xoxo

    1. Thank you! We should, I'll message you sometime :)

  3. Great collab! Enjoyed reading the answers so much xx

  4. This was soo interesting1 Loved it! I'll have to give it a go!xx

    Check out my recent?

    1. Thank you! Please do, it's actually very interesting! Sure, I'll do that now.
      El x