Monday, 4 July 2016

The End...

Hi all.

I hate to start this post like that, like this is just going to be another post. Because it's not. I hate to do this. But as of now, 'Letters To The Stars' has come to the end.

It's not any of your faults - it's nobody's fault except my own. But instead of feeling happy and excited when I hit that orange 'Post' button, I feel a slight sense of dread as to who might be reading my posts.

I've told too many people about this blog in real life, and now it's coming back to bite me in the butt. I can't post anything personal, or controversial, because of my audience.

I have started a new blog, which I will email to a few of you. But otherwise, this is the end. I won't be actually deleting this blog nor any of the posts on it, but as of now there will be no more posts on this blog.

So I'm sorry, but I'm thankful at the same time. That you've given me the opportunity to talk and ramble and do so many other things. I', so thankful that I've made an incredible number of friends. You all know who you are, and you are all goshdarn amazing.

So thank you, and goodbye.

El xx

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Character profile: Spencer

Hi everyone! I've got another post for you about yes, What Not To Do When Wearing Purple Lipstick. I swear I should've renamed my blog to that, it seems to be the only thing I'm talking about at the mo. I will be doing more lifestyle posts, I promise! I'm actually in the process of re organizing my bookcase and I definitely will be doing a MAJOR post on that soon. Anyways, I digress. Let's start chatting about Spencer!

So her name? Well, it definitely doesn't have as much meaning behind it as Trisha's name did (sorry Spence :D) but I'm still obsessed with it, don't get me wrong! I don't even KNOW why I chose the name Spencer... It just sounded right. Her full name is Spencer Kelm (middle name undecided. Any ideas? :/).

Spence is pretty mainstream - she listens to the same music as everyone else, wears the same clothes as everyone, and she picks the same extracurricular subjects as her best friend. I think within Spencer I'm trying to create that so common but yet untalked about feeling - the one where you can't really dispense your own thoughts from everyone else's, so just decide to follow the crowd and do what everyone else is doing.

Her looks? I'm going for the stereotypical popular girl look - perfect hair, curves, and face. I think it's actually quite interesting, that I've never seen a popular girl in movies or books or even in real life that is shoved in the 'ugly' zone, that doesn't have the perfect looks that people lust after.

Hobbies? Spencer, as afore mentioned, tends to just do what her best friend Beatrice (aka Bea) is doing, but has a massive passion for drama and musicals. I actually am planning for her to be in a particular musical later in the book - all I can say is Acqua and Rosie will love the choice!

I think in this novel what I'm trying to do is create the stereotypical 'bitch' (aka Spencer), take the stereotypical 'nerd' (Trisha) and strip down to the core what it means to be a teenage girl - but also seeing what the people you hate the most without even talking to them actually are on the inside.

Whoop! I hope you're a little more knowledgeable on Spencer now! And I actually have a pretty big announcement to make as well. I'm wondering if any of you want to be beta readers for me? Basically I'd send you chapters and you'd give me honest feedback about it. I'm pretty sure all of you will be way too busy for it, but if you're interested shoot me an email! Anyway, bye for now, and I'll see you again soon!

El xx

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Update: What Not To Do When Wearing Purple Lipstick

As you all know, my latest little writing project is WNTDWWPL. Considering how long it's been since I've posted about it, I thought I'd do a little list for you, because my thoughts are a bit too incoherent for proper paragraphs.
  • I have scrapped the second - person draft and have begun my second draft in first person, from multiple POV's.
  • My main characters are as follows: Trisha, who you all know about, and Spencer, whom I plan to do a post on soon. Stay tuned for that!
  • I spent three hours last weekend on a random name generator trying to find a good name for Spencer.
  • My personal favourite is Trisha, but don't tell Spencer that :D
  • The first paragraph in the novel involves Trisha hitting Spencer. As you can tell, they're not the best of friends.
  • Trisha is more of a person who holds her own ground, however Spencer is much more of a follower than a leader although being one of the most 'popular' girls in the school.
  • I have got a solid plan, although I'm afraid to write it down for reasons even I don't know :/
  • Yeah. I've sucked out all my juices.
So there's a little list for you! If you want to, I can post some excerpts from the novel in my next post. What about you, if you're a writer? What's going on in your writey life?

Monday, 30 May 2016

Lil' Life Updates.

Well well well. Look who's back?

So I know I said I was going to postpone all posts, but - in the miracle of all miracles - my teachers gave me NO HOMEWORK today. Yes, you heard me correctly. NO HOMEWORK.

Although I know that the workload is far from ending, it's nice to just have a night to myself. To just sit around, chatting to mates and surfing the web. After all, it's about time I catch up on all your blogs.

This week has been really stressful for me. Trying to find a balance between studying and 'me' time is much harder than I thought it'd be. I'm not spending as much time with friends as I would like to anymore - nope, studying is my biggest buddy at the moment.

I've also been told that I might have to get a tutor for Chinese. I know it shouldn't be a big deal, but it is. I'm sick of studying my ass off only to receive poor marks, sick of trying my best and getting awful results when others are barely putting in any effort and receiving such good marks. Bloody hell, what's the point?

I don't know. I am sick and I'm tired and I'm stressed out. My mental health is absolutely awful right now. I don't have diagnosed anxiety or anything, and don't pretend to, but I definitely know that my stress and anxiety levels are pretty goddamn high right now.

I'm sick of it all.

El xx

Monday, 23 May 2016

Hiatus + New Blog Name?

Hey everyone!

So you'll have noticed that I haven't really been blogging lately - school and life are taking up waaaaaay too much of my time at the moment (as well as actually trying to have a life). I don't think I want to be posting content that I'm not proud of, so I'll be taking a hiatus until the 18th of June, when I have holidays. I'm really sorry about this, but I can't juggle both. Assignments and tests are right around the corner, and I'm freaked out for all of them! This is also why I haven't been commenting on your blog posts - I'm so sorry!

But before I leave, I was wondering if you had any feedback on me changing my blog name? I've been a little unhappy with it for a while now, and had something else in mind.

Love ya lots,

El xx

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

The Shadow of Sound

It was too quiet in the dark
My torch created shadows on the walls.
It was too loud in the light
My fragile ears couldn’t cope with the noise.
It was too normal in my room
So I turned up my headphones and drowned myself in music.
Whenever I go
Wherever I go
It’s too loud
Or it’s too quiet.
I cannot cope anymore
With anything
My life is too shattered
And has more cracks than a broken mirror.
I can still remember a time when it wasn’t too loud,
Or too silent –
When my gumboots broke the surface of an unblemished puddle
When laughter drowned out every noise that wasn’t perfect
When a boy whispered into my ear that he loved me.
When my mother sobbed in bed,
Although quietly.
But it still cracked apart my unforgiving love for her.
Those were the noises I wanted to hear.
And now I am faced with monotonous
Ordinary noise

None of which I want to listen to.

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Beautiful People Meme - Trisha

Hi everyone! So I've been posting a fair bit about my latest WIP lately, What Not To Do When Wearing Purple Lipstick (gosh, I just realised how much of a mouthful that is!). The thing is though, whilst by this post you'll probably know a fair bit about the synopsis, you probably know nothing about the characters! So I'm doing the Beautiful People meme for you to get to know more about my MC, Trisha. I'll be sampling questions from every one of the posts, so you'll hopefully be quite knowledgeable about her by the end of this! This is hosted by Cait from Paper Fury, and go and check her brilliant blog sometime!
1. What is their full name and is there a story behind it?
My MC's full name is Trisha Hayley Malone. The Hindi meaning for Trisha is 'desire, thirst' and it just sums up how Trisha wants more out of life than what she's getting. Her friends often call her 'Trish', and her big sister (one of the the most important characters!) calls her 'Tris' because she sees her as someone who's brave but acts too impulsively.
2. What theme songs fit their personality and arc?
I'm actually going to create a spotify playlist at some point with all the theme songs that fit her at some point! Definitely any song from Mulan suits her - she's the girl who struggles with finding their identity and what makes them a person. 'Reflection' definitely suits her, all the way! But also 'Radioactive' by Imagine Dragons, and if I'm going to get really specific the Pentatonix cover. 'Rather Be' by Jess Glynne as well, and 'Big Girls Cry' by Sia. I could keep on going for months!
3. Describe your character's fashion style!
Oh, my. I suppose this is where I've really slipped pieces of myself in; Trisha's obsessed with vintage and bohemian, and won't be seen in anything other than black and white. The only hint of colour on her is her trademark purple lipstick!
4. What kind of book would they be reading?
Trisha loves classics. I swear. They're her fave kinds of books. Hand her a copy of 'War and Peace' or '1984' and I don't think you'll see her ever again. Beware, gift givers.
5.  And finally, what is their hobbies/personality?
Trisha loves reading, long bike rides, and watching black and white films. She also loves vintage shopping and hanging out in the back lanes of Melbourne - such an iconic Melbourne thing XD. And for her personality? She's snarky, sassy and sarcastic, just the way I want her to be. I love books with good wit, so I'm trying to slip it into this. Let's hope it works!

So what do you think of Trisha? Likey or no likey? Let me know in the comments below! And if you'd like to hear more about some of the MC's, please tell me! I'd be more than happy to :) Have a great day everyone!

El xx