Thursday, 29 October 2015


Hello, everybody! Are you getting excited for Halloween? I certainly am! Halloween is my favourite time of year. I love trying to guess who is dressed up as who and what sort of lollies I might get. It's a really happy time for me.

What are you going as for Halloween? I don't have definite plans yet, but I plan to go as Annabelle if it's hot, in my pink dress with black flowers and ballet flats. I would add my own personal touch with my favourite black vest. If it is cold. I'm going to go as a goth girl, with my black jeans and top, and once again my black vest! The only downside is that my hair is a startling shade of auburn, so I don't really think it's going to work for me. But my friend does have a black wig, so I'm going to steal borrow it for her ;-) 
Who knows? Maybe I can rock it as a redhead goth anyway!

Yeah.. Notsamuch with this one.
But yeah! Those are my ideas for Halloween. Me and my friends all plan to go trick or treating together. We normally have a blast getting all our lollies together and then going out for dinner later-It's our tradition. I also love looking out for particular people whilst we're out trick or treating, such as:
The man next door. He is the nicest guy-He'll often save us an entire bag of lollies. I always make sure me and my mates get over there to say hi to him.
The American people who go all out on Halloween. America takes their Halloween seriously, people. And these guys are no exception. People jumping out of bins, moving skeletons, fake machetes-you don't wanna mess with these guys.
The people who every year manage to forget to buy lollies so they give out cash instead: I'll sound incredibly greedy in this bit, but yeah. I love lollies and chocolates and eating so such sugar my teeth dissolve (Don't worry. they never do) but it doesn't hurt to have a few extra dollars to put in my orange hippo money tin, does it?

Overall, I'm really, really, REALLY excited for Halloween! Australia might be pathetic compared to America but I still have a blast with all my friends. And since this year Halloween falls on a Saturday, my friends and I are planning to have a Halloween party. It's going to be so much fun and I can't wait! What are you guys doing for Halloween? Post it in the comments below!


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