Friday, 9 October 2015

BOOK REVIEW: I am Juliet

I am Juliet

Everyone knows the story of Juliet Capulet and her love for Romeo. The star crossed lovers from the warring Capulet and Montague families of Verona whose love was doomed.
  But who was this girl Juliet?

Who am I? Only a daughter? A Capulet, wed to my fathers choice?
No! I am the girl who chose her destiny, whose love outlasts the sun.

                                       I am Juliet.
Page count: 190 pages.
Author: Jackie French.
Age range: 13 - 20 year olds.

Hi, guys! Once again I've turned my hand toward a new direction for my blog to go in. Right now it's book reviews, so please enjoy!

This is a retake on the classic we all know and love, Romeo and Juliet. And the blurb is very correct - You'd have to be living under a rock to not have heard of Shakespeare, let alone Romeo and Juliet. It's a classic that to a lot of people is timeless, and I have to agree. While I've never really thought of it as realistic, I just love how poetic and beautiful it is.

This takes a little twist on the R&J we all know of. Instead, we see the entire story through Juliet's eyes, and how she grew to love Romeo. I've never read the actual play, but experienced it while lying on the couch with my mum as she tells me the story. I never had any interest in actually reading the play, but when I found this I couldn't resist it. The story that I loved so much, in a easier to read version? Pull out the coffee and the sofa - I want it now!

It was just as I'd imagined it. Juliet was a strong, resourceful girl who I believe would be a major feminist now. She stood up to her parents, because she knew that she didn't want to marry the Earl of Paris. She took risks all so that she could be with her lover. Right at the start she was worried about herself - how she was just a spoiled girl with a bunch of maids and that she was just a shell for them to take care of. She couldn't have been more wrong. Instead, Juliet was a girl who chose her destiny. She loved Romeo passionately, and it was beautiful.

I am Juliet is a much simpler version of the adored play, and I love it. It shows that no matter how borin
g something original is, very good authors can take it and turn it into a masterpiece. I love this book and would recommend it to anyone

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