Monday, 23 May 2016

Hiatus + New Blog Name?

Hey everyone!

So you'll have noticed that I haven't really been blogging lately - school and life are taking up waaaaaay too much of my time at the moment (as well as actually trying to have a life). I don't think I want to be posting content that I'm not proud of, so I'll be taking a hiatus until the 18th of June, when I have holidays. I'm really sorry about this, but I can't juggle both. Assignments and tests are right around the corner, and I'm freaked out for all of them! This is also why I haven't been commenting on your blog posts - I'm so sorry!

But before I leave, I was wondering if you had any feedback on me changing my blog name? I've been a little unhappy with it for a while now, and had something else in mind.

Love ya lots,

El xx


  1. good choice of day to come back to blogging (the eighteenth is my birthday!) haha! Ooh, a new blog name! That's exciting! I love the one you have at the moment, but I'm sure your new one will be just as good xx

  2. Oooh but I like your blog name! Still, you're the one who has to like it and feel identified by it :) Pick something you really feel is a reflection of who you are and why you blog! And we'll wait, don't worry! xx