Friday, 26 February 2016

The Liebster Tag (Redo)

Hey! I have been re nominated for the Liebster Tag by both Nicky and Acqua, so I figured that I should do it at some point. I loved doing this the first time round - it was so much fun! - so I'm super excited to do this! Thanks to both girls for nominating me.

Here are the rules:

  • Creating a post thanking the person who nominated you
  •  Leaving  a link to their blog.
  • Include a version of the Liebster sticker.
  • Nominate ten blogs you feel deserve the award and leave a link to their blog.
  • Answer the ten questions that are given and give ten more.
  • Make a copy of the rules in your post.
Since I got nominated by Nicky before Acqua, I'm going to answer her questions first.
What's one strange skill you want to master?
Does watching Brooklyn 99 and Graham Norton re runs all weekend count? Probably not! If I'm being honest I don't have one. Maybe playing the drums, although that's not really strange..
Have you done your homework yet? (hehe)
Yes, I have!! Funnily enough, I love doing my homework and find it really cool (if you haven't already guessed I'm a total nerd) but maths is another story altogether..
It's the zombie apocalypse and you only have food as a weapon, what would you use?
I'd go down to the local bakery and ask for all the stale bread rolls!!
Your phone is on 1% and the only way to recharge it is to dance as weirdly as you can, what song would you use?
Either Yellow Flicker Beat by Lorde or Deuce by KISS. I can never and will never be able to pick which is my favourite. Or Sax by Fleur East - I LOVE THAT SONG SO MUCH!! AHH I can't choose!
You're about to loose your beloved bed forever and the only way you can save it is to trip on soap, what brand of soap would you trip on?
What's your sassiest comeback? (no swearing)
I don't do comebacks at all... My method is to give them the finger and walk away!
The world can only be one colour, ugly green or hideous pink?
Ugly green!! I hate pink SO much it's not funny... Yeah, green all the way!
You get a Starbucks cup, what drink would you fill it with?
Coke. I don't even really like the stuff, but I drink it mainly to annoy my mum who hates me drinking it. #Rebelwithoutacause
It's your last day on earth, what embarrassing thing would you do?
Tell my old music teacher how much I hate him!!!
You're being chased by cops, what disguise would you use?
Massive sunglasses and floppy sunhat!
If you could be a unicorn for one day, what would you do?
Meet my fellow unicorns! Whooooo!

That's that done with, Nicky you sure know how to pose hard questions! Here are Acqua's:

What is your favourite book and why?
DO NOT ASK ME THAT QUESTION!!! I bluff and sigh and avoid it because I will NEVER choose. But I love Jasper Jones, The Wrong Boy, Throne of Glass and Only Ever Yours. They are all brilliant, I highly recommend!!
Do you have a strange hobby?
Not really! Does op shopping count? Because if it does, well...
What TV shows do you recall watching as a kid?
Man, don't ask me to remember!! Ummm I remember loving Outnumbered, Masterchef and yeah, that's all I remember! Although apparently I was ADDICTED to In The Night Garden.
What would you like to be when you're older?
An author!!!!! Or a human rights lawyer!!!
If you could re live anything in your life, what would it be?
The moment when I first pressed 'create' for my blog!! By far the best moment of my life.
If you could pick a place and time to live in during history, when would you live?
Egyptian history! I love it, the tales about all of the pyramids are fascinating.
What scares you the most?
Moving cars! Unless I'm actually in one, I don't like cars in general. The noise, the speed, the track marks... Yeah, no thanks. I'm even worse with trucks!
What did you wish you knew when you were younger?
That the internet is not a big, bad place like teachers crack it out to be. Admittedly, you do need to use it sensibly and it can be used against people quite horribly, but the teachers made it out as if it was so bad we should never use it in our lives. This is not the case at all, for once I excuse you for ignoring your teacher!
What is your favourite dessert?
Who is your favourite singer/band?
I will never pick just one! But I love KISS, AC/DC, Fleur East, Lady Gaga, Stevie Wright, Sia, Lorde, David Bowie and a tonne more.
Tell us a random fact about yourself!!!
My favourite artist is Ghostpatrol!!! He's a brilliant Australian artist, check out his work!!

And I'm done! Since I've already done this and I've already tagged people, I'm going to cheat and skip over nominating people! I don't even need to do that Q & A next week now! But I hope you enjoyed! See you guys xx


  1. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay you did the tag! ^^ My first question was especially evil hahaha I'm so excited to see you like Fleur East! As someone who is OBSESSED with reality singing competitions I watced her since her audition for the x factor, and usually I'm the only one who knows these people! I really like Sia too :) | Acqua xx

    1. Whoop!! And I don't think evil quite cuts it... I LOVE HER!! SAX IS THE BEST SONG EVER!! I never watch singing competitions, I found her online and fell in love with her dance moves. Maybe I should watch them more often. And Sia is awesome! I love Big Girls Cry - awesome.

  2. Ooh great answers! I'm doing this tag soon & really excited to try it xx

    1. Thank you!! Believe me, the questions are tougher than they look...

  3. Hey I no,instead you to do the leibster tag. Haha! One more to go love you answers though, I'll be checking them out xoxo

    1. Haha, that'll be the fourth time that I've been nominated! Thank you, I loved yours! And I'll have fun with that :-)