Friday, 26 February 2016

Q & A!!!

Hello, everyone! Soon, I will be holding a Q & A, so I'd love some questions to answer. You can leave them in the comments below OR if you have my email you can email them to me. I don't mind how. I will then answer them on the 3rd of march so get your questions in quick. My blogger email is, if you want to email me your questions. Otherwise, see you guys!! And leave those questions in the comments below. Sorry that today's post is so short, but... Anyway! Love you, unicorns!
El xx


  1. Looking forward to seeing the Q&A! My questions are: what inspired you to start a blog, which post are you most proud of, & which type of post do you enjoy writing most?xx

  2. Maybe you could answer some school related questions? How about what you bring to school, what lessons you like, revision tips, hairstyles, etc? xx

    1. K! That sounds good! I'll add them to the list :-)

  3. IM SO EXCITED FOR THE Q N A! My questions are

    If you were a phone, what 3 apps do you want to have?

    If the world was only one color, what would it be?

    What's the most embarrassing thing you WANT to do if it was your last minute on earth?