Saturday, 19 December 2015

50 facts about me tag!

Howza, everyone! (Sorry about the Aussie slang, but I felt like saying something other than 'hello, everyone!") Today I'm going to be doing the Fifty Facts About Me tag. I'd like to thank Rosie for letting me steal the idea off her letting me use the idea... Anyway, let's get this show on the road!

1. I was born in Australia.
2. I have travelled a lot with my parents. A few of the cities that I've been to are London, Paris, Madrid, Bangkok, Broome, Darwin and Cork (Rosie, if you're reading this, it's every bit as good as it sounds!)
3. I have red hair that comes to my shoulders. I hate my hair but am planning to get a pixie cut over the holidays.
4. I am literally the first ever tanned redhead. Seriously, who's heard of a TANNED redhead?
5. My favourite flavours of ice cream is honeycomb, english toffee and apple sorbet.
6. My lucky number is 5.
7. I currently am listening to the rage top twenty. I think the song playing at the moment is called 'Love you till the day I die?'.  I wouldn't know-I never do know the names of songs unless it's my favourite singer.
8. Speaking of favourite singers, my favourite are: Jimi Hendrix, AC/DC, KISS, Stevie Wonder, Jess Glynne and Sia. A very odd list indeed, hmmm?
9. I love reading. Literally. You can never drag me out of books.
10. My favourite books of all time are The Wrong Boy by Suzy Zail, and The Flywheel by Erin Gough.
11. I love Christmas. But normally it doesn't feel like it should be Christmas so it kinda spoils the whole experience. Not this year, though!
12. I'm very insecure about myself. I don't tell my friends so they often jokingly tease me about my looks... It doesn't help.
13. I love to draw Zentangles... I prefer it to adult colouring books, although I like them both.
14. I have a younger brother called Christien, although everyone calls him Chriso.
15. I chose my first blog name, My Random Life, because I thought that this blog would end up being an online journal. However, I changed it to The Ramblings Of Moi because it suited my blog more-after all, this is me just rambling on!
16. I have never really had a favourite colour. I would change my mind every other day when I was younger, so now I just love every one.
17. I adore writing, and have tried many different things with it (COUGH *Nanowrimo* COUGH).
18. I love the shop Typo. It has the most gorgeous notebooks I've ever seen and IT'S JUST SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!
19. My favourite school subject is English and Inquiry.
20. Once again, I don't have a favourite animal. I love them all, although I do like Hedgehogs.
21. I do have a favourite blog! Girl Abroad!
22. I LOVE playing soccer, and am continuing with it in high school.
23. I also like the sports cricket, softball and I don't mind netball.
24. My least favourite sports are basketball and swimming.
25. I have asthma, but have never had any major attacks.
26. My favourite movies are Amelie, (which I was named after!!!) The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and Mrs Doubtfire.
27. My favourite Christmas movie is Miracle on 34th Street.
28. I love the smell of baking brownies.
29. I really like to cook, but I haven't cooked in a while because of sheer exhaustion.
30. I have just finished primary school! Woop!
31. I change my blog background quite often, because I don't like keeping the same background for too long. It just looks a bit boring, to me. So that is why every time you click on this blog you'll get a different background!
32. I am not really a minimalist-I own too many books for that!
33. #TeamPeeta.
34. #Fourtris4ever
35. I am finding it hard to come up with so many facts.
36. When I'm older, I want to be a writer, journalist or a human rights lawyer (I thank Atticus Finch for that one!)
37. I just found my lost Myki card. Weird.
38. A movie that my family watches every year is A Miracle on 34th Street, but this year we watched the original. SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE NEW ONE.
39. My favourite actor/ comedian is Robin Williams. Such a cool bloke.
40. I hate Summer. I might live right down the bottom of Australia, but believe me, the sun doesn't hold up for a second..
41. The high school I'll be attending is right next to the Botanic gardens, which means we get to go over there almost every day.
42. I like to read the Herald Sun. It's an Australian newspaper.
43. I nearly died when I was told that I wasn't allowed to go to the AC/DC concert.
44. I'm still recovering.
45. I hate maths. Literally, is there anything more boring?
46. I am writing this in bed.
47. I am currently reading the book Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver-I'm only two pages in though.
48. This is a REALLY HARD challenge, people!
49. Is it just me, or do Haliee Steinfeld and Vanessa Hutchins look alike?
50. My brothers old teacher is now teaching class 1D. Lol.

And there you have it! For my nominations, I nominate:

Euginia A-Genie in a book

Megan- Megans Mega Blog

Hope you enjoy doing it, girlies! And since I stole borrowed this idea, you guys can too, if you want to! Hope you have fun doing it!

El xx


  1. Yay! This made me happy to read. No problem at all!✩

    1. Good, good... Although it is hard to come up with 50 facts!

    2. Gasp, I'm not your favourite blog? (Just kidding haha, doubt I would be someone's favourite blog )

    3. It was a pretty heavy toss up in the end, and Alice just won!

  2. This was really fun to read! I love zentangles too! I did this tag too - it was so hard to think of fifty facts!xx

    1. I got to about 35, couldn't think of any more, and got my dad to help me in the end... Well, it got me to 50!

  3. Can't believe mine is your favourite blog! That means so much to me :)
    These were some really interesting facts - I know how you feel, I took ages to write down 50 facts for my blog haha

    Alice xx

    1. I love your blog, it's just so quirky and adorable. I love Rosie's too, and she very nearly won..
      Agreed. And I had a bit of fun trying to think of some really random facts!

  4. What a great first post to read, I really feel like I know you better now. I wish I could travel a lot, it's something I'd love to do when I'm older as I've never been out of the UK. xx

  5. Thanks Marti! I've been reading your blog on and off, don't think I've ever posted a comment though... The post about periods is really good!

    Travelling is amazing, my all time favourite cities are Paris and New York.

  6. What part of Australia were you born in?

    1. I live in Melbourne, and I was born here as well!

    2. That's awesome!
      I'm currently in the Melbourne airport, we've just spent a few days in Ballarat and Melbourne. Now we are flying to Perth!
      Merry Christmas
      Hannah xx

    3. Cool! I love melbourne but hate the weather...

  7. This is awesome El! I think I might do this in my second blog post! (Well, if that's alright! 😉) hope we can catch up soon!
    Miriam xx <3

    1. Sure you can do it! I couldn't care less, and I'd love to read it. Warning though, it's tricky!!! See you soon!