Thursday, 30 July 2015

Being yourself.

This is the first topic that I'm going to tackle here. I struggled with this myself for a long time, and even now I still get a little paranoid in certain situations. Sometimes it's easy to be yourself, other times it isn't. Anyway, let's get this show on the road!

For a long time, I've been disgusted with the expectations that girls are expected to live up to. I tried to, for some time. I tried to cut out sweet food, I tried to adore boy bands, I tried to act like the other girls. But I was just making myself depressed. That's why now I speak my mind and say what I want. I don't want to be blatantly composed into a brain dead zombie who's only worry is whether her lipstick clashes with her hair. I want to be me.

However, if girls want to be like that, that's fine. While I don't want to be like that it's not my worry what others do with their lives. What I am worried about is girls like the old me-girls who are trying so hard to be perfect they're just considered try hards. Girls worry about their weight because of the size 1 girls in the newspaper. Girls feel that their skin isn't perfect because a TV show told them that. Don't worry about pimples and puppy fat. It's just a stage that you are going through and will eventually come out of.

Girls don't need to feel like they're not perfect. We are. But perfection isn't worrying about the amount of spots you have. As someone who survived went through primary school, I can't say that no one will tease you about your looks, but that the girls who are teasing you about your puppy fat and spots probably have them themselves. And also, I want to say something. We are not all perfect like I said above. But if we look the way we want to look, then we are perfect on the outside, even if we are not perfect in the inside.

The only thing you can really do is just be yourself. Don't wear makeup if you don't want to. Don't love One Direction if you secretly hate them. Don't wear clothes that if you were being truthful to yourself they'd be worn over your dead body. Being yourself is the most powerful tool you may have.



  1. So true; couldn't have said it better myself. Society and our morals have gotten skewered over the years. People are ridiculed for being different, and called try-hards if they try to fit in. It is so annoying and unfair! Basically I try to do my own thing and be my own person even if society doesn't approve

    1. Exactly.. We live in a world where we are ridiculed for doing the tiniest things wrong. That was what I was trying to achieve here.

  2. I think you are exactly right! :)

    I think everyone should be free to be themselves, and that was one of the reasons I joined a programme called Free Being Me, so that I could teach the Brownies and Guides in my local area (I'm a Brownie Guider) to ignore society and just be themselves. :)

    As for worrying about if my lipstick clashes with my outfit...if I feel like wearing my neon purple, blue or black lipsticks, then I will, and I don't care if they stand out from the outfit!